Who are we

Sinclair Adamson & Co is a venture management company which focuses on the low to medium tech sectors. Our business model is a hybrid between a classic private equity, venture capital and management consulting practice. The aim is to develop a fluid and nimble business model which is able to evaluate new business opportunities assessing the most effective method of launching and scaling a business opportunity.

The management of Sinclair Adamson takes the lead in assembling the requisite resources and competencies which are required to launch the new business. For every business venture the challenges are different so we are able to provide tailored solutions by drawing on a depth of expertise from a variety of functional business areas such as Operations Management, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing or Technology. We work with start ups, high growth and mature companies that are seeking to be pre-eminent in their market place by striving for excellence in all aspect of their business endeavours by respecting wholeheartedly every customer, supplier, business partner and employee.