Current Opportunities - Executive Management Office

Our Trusted Advisors reside on the Executive Management Office operate as trouble shooters who proficiently shape the strategy of a business and subsequently taking the lead in delivering operational programmes across our three service lines. Trusted Advisors are adept in managing complexity and uncertainty that have a proven track record as an outstanding advisor and project lead who can manage multiple relationships across different geographies and industries. Our Trusted Advisors are equipped to take calculated and creative risks to deliver innovative solutions to a range of businesses contributing to Sinclair Adamson's intellectual capital and building relationships of trust.

Senior management across our portfolio businesses will seek your advice on business issues that extend beyond the immediate scope of your day-to-day challenges. There is never a dull day working across a wide spectrum of portfolio businesses. You will play a significant role in defining their strategic agenda. Should we expand into a new market? Should we diversify our current product range? If so how? Can you please lead our new finance department whilst we seek a new CFO? These are just some of the questions and challenges which will be posed.

Through exposure you will learn the need to delegate and trust others across our portfolio businesses bringing out the best in them. Your bond and experience to very extreme challenges will elevate you as a leader and a future partner in Sinclair Adamson.

Internally to Sinclair Adamson, you will share key business insights to foster innovation, develop the company's business capabilities, and build the portfolio of business. You will have a growing role in the management of the company, and you will link Sinclair Adamson work across its portfolio to its broader business and strategic vision.

The competencies which we seek include:

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