Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Ethics

blossomsIn today’s fast-moving and increasingly unpredictable business environment, the need for sustainability and ethical practices becomes ever more critical. The principles of social responsibility, stewardship, and sustainability are reflected throughout Sinclair Adamson business practices and are guided by our Sustainability Programme.

The Sustainability Programme includes our shared values and ethics, it steers our relationships with our business partners, employees & suppliers, and the communities and environment in which we operate. Issues such as climate change, environmental issues and social cohesion regularly dominate our discussions and it is increasingly clear that businesses (including Sinclair Adamson) must play a pivotal role in providing solutions to these issues.

Community Commitment Portfolio

Respect the Environment

Our impact on the environment is a complex area to address. As we do not manufacture, our overall environmental impact compared to many organisations of a similar size is relatively modest. However, at Sinclair Adamson we are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment to some degree and we are striving to reduce this. To ensure that we are focusing on the right areas we constantly re-evaluate our key environmental aspects and impacts and develop a corresponding baseline of current performance.

Love Your Community

Sinclair Adamson’s community focus is on ‘grooming future leaders’ and is driven by our charity - The Blossom Foundation. This initiatives vision is at using our skills and capabilities alongside our expansive network to groom and develop future leaders within the UK, be it local community leaders, future politicians, FTSE 100 CEO’s or sport or pop stars. It is our way of contributing to the communities where we work, both as a company and as individuals.

The Blossom Foundation

The Blossom Foundation is our Corporate Social Responsibility arm. For further information please visit the website.