IT Enabled Change

Why do so many IT projects fail to live up to the anticipated benefits, with scope changing and sight being lost of the outcomes and benefits expected in the course of the IT implementation? While IT is an important part of IT projects, people are ultimately key to success.

IT delivers features, but IT-enabled business change delivers benefits. Too often businesses work around IT, rather than exploit IT to enable change in the way they operate. For example, a new HR system that everyone avoids by cutting and pasting from documents; a risk management system used retrospectively to complete the audit trail; a document and records management system that contains less than half what it should. All are examples of projects that have delivered features but not benefit, or worse resulted in lost efficiency.

Sinclair Adamson’s advocates a different approach. IT is about people – how people (customers, suppliers, employees) use IT to change the way the business works. No change in the way the business works means no or little benefit. Our objective is business change – delivering IT that helps people change the way their business works. Sinclair Adamson positions IT at the vanguard of change, by turning technology-based ideas into new business models, amplifying the effect of the change through the take-up of new technology.

We deliver this change through two forces:

IT Infrastructure

If your IT collapses so does your business. It is obvious but true - IT is embedded across the organisation from marketing channels to deep in operations. People expect 100% reliability and yet typically the IT service is reliant on disparate technologies and suppliers.

The challenge for growing businesses is to convert the IT function into a coherent IT service that provides the agility, resilience, predictability and innovation the business needs in a cost efficient manner.

In our experience common issues include:

Sinclair Adamson works with the IT function of business partner organisations to makes the IT infrastructure work for the business by:

Our professional resources have extensive experience and in-depth experience of the latest proven technologies and offer expertise in the architecture, design and delivery of enterprise-wide business solutions.

IT Innovation

Innovation starts with the customer. That is where you find out what customers value and the best ideas for new products and services. While volumes have been written on how to ensure the voice of the customer is in everything you do. In practice, getting closer to the customer, in a world dominated by globalisation and commoditisation, is getting harder - especially with the current cost focus.

Can IT get you closer to your customers? You wouldn't think so. After all, one of the most obvious effects of IT is to automate - to standardise transactions and exclude people from the process.

Our research highlights the potential to use IT to enhance listening and engagement with customers, and enable new levels of IT enabled intimacy with large groups of people - social networks. As a result you can create a step change in the rate of innovation in products and services.

Sinclair Adamson helps business partner organisations to shape new thinking. Our innovation unit specialises in those IT developments that have far-reaching commercial potential. Sinclair Adamson’s innovation methodologies enable business partners to craft longer-range plans when the future is uncertain. Our professional resources have the deep sector expertise, technical skills and drive to deliver systems on time and budget to address the most complex problems and always take a customer perspective.

IT Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Modern CIOs oversee a multifaceted portfolio of IT services that directly support valuable business processes. These IT services are usually underpinned by a diverse range of applications and infrastructure at various stages and with an elaborate set of interdependencies. This complexity represents significant financial and business risk that must be managed with rigour.

The challenge is to establish and maintain effective control, extract best value from IT resources and assets, use effective sourcing to enhance business efficiency and redefine organisational boundaries appropriately. At the same time CIO's must reduce the overall cost of service delivery.

There are three components to achieving operational efficiency:

Sinclair Adamson helps business partner organisations to improve their IT operational efficiency and effectiveness in a structured and pragmatic way. Our professional resources are highly experienced and accredited practitioners in service management best practice. We can improve the routine elements of IT through well-rehearsed continuous improvement initiatives, while more radical change may be appropriate for those parts of IT that help the business to maintain its competitive edge. This approach avoids reactive responses to individual issues and enables a proactive and comprehensive strategy.

IT Sourcing

Economic turmoil and the pressure to reduce costs are accelerating the pace at which organisations expect to transform key operational areas. IT is no exception, and even where progress has been made, boards are now looking for more. The CIO will be held accountable for driving increasingly complex levels of change and sourcing is a way of achieving this objective.

Sourcing has not proven to be the one-size-fits-all solution that many small-to-medium businesses had hoped, and getting the right advice is not easy. Advice focused on the outsourcing deal and managing the process to it has been proven to miss the mark, resulting in failed agreements and constant renegotiation. Advice tainted with a vested interest in providing the outsourced service has resulted in expensive arrangements that are seldom fit for purpose.

At Sinclair Adamson, our aim is to focus on our business partner’s business agenda, not the sourcing transaction or technology solution that is at the forefront of our mind. Our presence means we apply the necessary objectivity to create the right solution, whether that is off shoring, outsourcing, shared services or transforming the in-house operation. Our extensive IT and industry-sector expertise enables us to formulate specific and appropriate advice for each business partner.

By working with our business partner to understand the organisation’s ambitions and strategic direction, Sinclair Adamson helps devise and execute the right IT sourcing strategy. We work with our business partners to develop transparency and understand the commercial and operational realities to balance cost and risk and ultimate yield shareholder value.