Driving innovation is a significant challenge. Our business partners usually complain about a lack of ideas and an insipid innovation pipeline. We rarely find companies lacking ideas. Instead we find that they are buried in complex organisation structures, in the hands of individuals with no capacity to drive them forward or a structure which fails to levitate the ideas on the dashboard of its senior management.

While they do not need to be addressed simultaneously, excelling at innovation requires excelling at all its pieces: Leadership, culture, and organisation have a disproportionate impact on how companies perform in innovation. Our organisation-specific diagnostic can help assess an organization's capabilities, and our tools will help foster an environment conducive to innovation.

Creativity is critical to business success and must be integrated with some degree of analytical discipline. Our management skills combined with our ambidextrous approach to idea generation combines analytical rigor and creativity to help our business partners generate breakthrough ideas. We constantly mandate the active management of portfolio which contain innovation projects. We further advocate innovation projects to be managed distinct from traditional projects in order to manage their risk and increase return.

For most small-to-medium size enterprises innovation is the key to driving business growth and creating a sustained competitive advantage. But a large proportion of all companies are unhappy with the results of their innovation activities. How can the potential of innovation be realised?

From our experience companies that are not effective innovators face a number of challenges:

Sinclair Adamson has extensive experience across the full range of competencies facing companies that want to become more resourceful or increase the impact of their innovation activities. Our expertise falls into seven major areas:

The output of our involvement within our business partner organisations typically includes:

To create a strategic and sustainable long-term approach to constant renewal, Sinclair Adamson also has a special focus on business model innovation. Whether we are transforming a company’s core business model or designing new business models to capture growth from new segments or markets, Sinclair Adamson incorporates creativity, analytical rigor, deep industry knowledge, and rich insights from the study of transformative models.

We work closely with the management of our business partner organisation around the world with one goal in mind: to increase the returns on their investments in innovation.