Human resource Management

Human Capital Development

Sinclair Adamson’s Human Capital specialist’s help our business partner organisations to optimise their performance by meeting their most critical needs around managing, rewarding, and engaging talent; ensuring responsible remuneration; and ensuring HR effectiveness.

To help our business partner’s drive people value and produce measurable business results, Sinclair Adamson combines:

Sinclair Adamson’s Human Capital services is built on the premise that small-to-medium size enterprises effectively and efficiently manage human capital will ultimately achieve a strategic competitive advantage. The tools and guidance that we provide enable management and boards of directors to maximise stakeholder value.

HR Outsourcing

Sinclair Adamson assists business partner organisations not only to reduce HR costs but also to improve the HR delivery and enhance employee satisfaction within the business partner.

In most cases the HR function needs be transformed if it is to fulfil its promise. It must focus less on transactional processing and more on strategic enablement that can help a company achieve its performance and profitability goals.

HR Administrative Processes

Addressing the basics of HR processes in particular refining HR administrative processes can yield efficient HR processes which gives the company internal credibility with employees.

Our HR professionals work on an operational level with line managers and employees to develop core HR processes which are required by firms allowing them to perform at higher levels than previously.


Outsourced recruitment can help bring new hires in the door in a relatively short space of time though at a cost. However, there is significant value is in finding a recruitment process that can help you keep your talent. At Sinclair Adamson, we help our business partners to build the requisite processes to identify, select and deploy the best talent for all levels of the organisation, from entry level to senior executivea Talent Pipeline designed to retain employees for sustained business success.

Sinclair Adamson knows that a smart recruitment strategy goes well beyond filling vacancies. We design end-to-end solutions to recruit and deploy staff with the requisite skills and attributes to meet our business partner needs. We support and shape all types of hiring, including professional, hourly, executive, campus/graduate and contingent labour. Our customisable solutions consist of world class processes, technologies optimised for business process outsourcing, and deep expertise.

We deploy specialist "high-touch" recruitment skills to foster key relationships in the recruitment lifecycle, as well as highly-skilled and experienced teams that can efficiently support high volumes of recruitment administration.

Our efforts bring the following value:


In today's high-speed economy, knowledge can truly be a competitive advantage. We help our business partners manage learning as a business by aligning business strategy to performance management and learning investments. Sinclair Adamson improves learning and collaboration while reducing the cost of sharing information and knowledge. We work closely with our business partners to collectively establish and realise business goals and objectives. While we focus on helping business partners achieve cost reduction goals, we also focus increase learning effectiveness and reduce time to competence.

Workforce Performance

Employees need ongoing feedback and coaching to be at their best. Yet, every year it becomes more and more difficult for small-to-medium size enterprises to effectively manage performance. Even the best managers are strapped for time and need help accurately evaluating their employees and contractors and fostering greater teamwork and productivity.

Developing a high-performance workforce is the top priority for world-class HR leaders. Companies with a well-trained, knowledgeable and flexible workforce respond better to market opportunities and business challenges. At Sinclair Adamson, we help business partners to measure and manage their workforce performance, strengthening the effectiveness of their teams and individuals. Our services are flexible to provide you with the right mix of consistency and configurations to support business requirements.

Sinclair Adamson’s workforce performance offering goes beyond transactional services. It brings rigor to workforce performance programs through:

Most important, Sinclair Adamson has a strategic approach to business partner’s HR and workforce performance strategies. With deep experience in human capital management, we work with business partners to define their strategy and associated policies and processes. We design integrated workforce performance programs to quantify the unique needs of business partner organisations, including setting goals and behavioural standards and assisting managers in reviewing employee performance. Where a competency gap is identified, we provide immediate measures to ensure the appropriate skill set is allocated or developed.

Through our coaching, mentoring, and career management programs, our business partner’s employees have a comprehensive view of their contributions and the career paths open to them. Organisations can further motivate and enhance the performance of their workforce, while improving the retention and satisfaction of their most talented people.